Arsenal of guns stolen from Estill store

Melissa Gay was shocked to find such a destructive scene inside Straight Shot Pro Shop early Monday.

"There was not any glass left in the front door. Someone broke in about 3:12 a.m," says Gay of the crime committed early Monday.

But the thieves only went after certain types of guns.

Assault rifless and some semi automatic pistols were stolen, but no cash was taken...and other expensive archery and weaponry equipmetn were left alone. Still, the loss the store suffered is great.

"I'm mad...I'm so mad. I'm sickened by it. Everyone one I pass, I'm wondering if they are the ones who did this.," says Gay.

The manager says it is baffling to her because they do have a number of security measures in place, but for some reason most were not working.

But in such a small town, Gay thinks someone knows something...and is hoping for some luck in solving the crime.

"We are offering a $1500 reward for anyone, leading to an arrest, persons involved.," said Gay.

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