First snow falls in Eastern Kentucky

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People in Texas saw snow Friday, and now its a winter wonderland in eastern Kentucky.

The morning mist turned into snow early Saturday, and it was only a matter of hours before parts of eastern Kentucky were white. For many, it's the first snow of the season.

Crews got up early Saturday morning to start clearing the snow-covered roads. Knott County crews are trying to clear the roads as fast as they can. The temperatures are supposed to drop Saturday night, and that means there could be black ice.

"It's some of the most hazardous driving you can do and you can't really anticipate it.You're on it before you know it," Bobby Smith of the KY Department of Transportation said.

Smith sent seven drivers out Saturday morning, who will each plow about 200 miles in the county. But even on the clear roads, crews are recommending people to drive cautiously.

"To slow down, take their time. Mainly to give us time to clear the roads before they can start driving on them," Anthony Hudson said.

Transportation officials advise everyone to be careful, and if you start to slide, do not slam your brakes.

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