Bob Barker's Farewell Show

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Fans of "The Price is Right" lucky enough to get inside the CBS studio in Los Angeles today will be saying goodbye to a legend.

CBS always sends out more tickets than there are seats and that's why fans camped out early and came from as far away as Canada to pay tribute to the legendary Bob Barker. He's hanging up the microphone after after 35 years as host of the giveaway game show.

One fan from Florida says he wouldn't give up his ticket even if he were offered ten grand for it. Another just wants to plant a kiss on Barker's right cheek, a tradition among women contestants.

These are the die-hard fans, some of whom feign illness to stay home and watch, or who have TVs in their bathrooms.

Barker, says another camping fan, has become part of American

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