Thief steals car heating up in driveway

A man, who just wanted to warm his car up Sunday morning ends up becoming a victim.

Lexington Police say 25-year-old Charles Russell, stole the man's car early Sunday morning, then led officers on a chase that ended with a crash.

The victim's girlfriend says he had left his car running, so it could warm up before he headed to work.

Mayra Gonzalez says her boyfriend was just trying to warm up his car on Chant Court, when someone got in the car and took off with it.

They called police and while they were giving their report, Gonzalez says her father called
out of luck, he'd spotted the car being driven down Winchester Road.

With her father's help, police caught up with the car on Man-O-War, near I-75..

They say Russell led them on a chase until he lost control, near Rio Dosa. The car flipped and crashed through a fence.

Russell was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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