Burglary of dead man's home

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A central Kentucky family is trying to come to grips with the unexpected death of their loved one and how someone could break into his house just two days after he died.

54-year old Randy Sheets was found dead inside his Griffin drive home in Jessamine county on Saturday. HIs family returned Monday to gather some of his belongings and prepare for his funeral when they noticed someone broke in the front door and ransacked the home.

Prescription pills, a jar full of change and other things were stolen, but none of that matters to Georgia Sheets, Randy's sister. She says it's the cruelness of the crime that bothers her.

"It's hard enough dealing with his death and planning his funeral, now this. Someone taking advantage, knowing that he died and wasn't there."

Deputy Anthony Purcell of the Jessamine county sheriff's department says the neighborhood is small and everyone seems to know what's going on so it wouldn't surprise him if it was someone that knew Randy had passed away and took advantage of the situation.

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