Funeral for KY man found in burn pit

A mix of emotions marking the day family and friends come together to say their officials good-byes.

“It’s going to be a joyful day..but it’s going to be a sad day, too,” said Jeffrey Price, the father of murder victim Kevin Price, before entering Pulaski Funeral Home for his son’s final services.

Price says it’s a relief that his son, Kevin Price’s body was recovered…but a nightmare knowing his murderer hasn’t been caught.

“It’s hard. This family has been tormented, this family has been beaten, put down, to the lowest of all pains,” he said.

500 people paid their respects during Monday’s visitation. Numbers were also high for his funeral.

“I expected all of those because I know my son was loved, I know however, whichever way my son died, he wasn’t to go like this, he was loved by too many friends,” Price said.

Police are still releasing very little information about Price’s autopsy saying they know the cause and manner of death, but they’re not releasing that.

Police say that will come after an arrest, and Price’s father is very confident that day will come.

“They’re going to solve this problem. We’re going to get to the very end of this, we’re going to bring these cowards to justice.”

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