Fire Destroys Bath County Business

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Firefighters did what they could to try and save the Owingsville Outlet, a consignment store with a little bit of everything. But by the time crews arrived, they say most everything inside was lost.

"Heavy water damage in the consignment shop. A lot to clean up," explained Assistant Fire Chief Derek Ellington, with the Owingsville volunteer Fire Department.

Investigators believe the fire started in the basement and quickly spread upwards. Now, friends of the people who had a business here say they've lost everything.

"This time of year, such a shame," explains Lynne Stamper, who works nearby.

Lynne Stamper says the Owners of the outlet, Wanda and Mike Hardin are devastated.

"She's pretty tore up.... Said they were up here last night sometime. Mike came back to board up the windows. She says she's left and she ain't coming back."

McNeil Blossom Shop, where Stamper works, looks flooded with holiday cheer. But she says the loss of the outlet doesn't just hurt the Hardins, it also means she'll be looking for a new place to shop.

"I've bought Christmas there the last few years for my grand kids. You know, they're great people and I hate it."

Investigators say it could take a few days to find out what sparked these flames.

The Owingsville Outlet has only been open for about a year-and-a half.

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