Suspected doctor shooter pleads not guilty to murder charges

The man charged with gunning down a beloved Eastern Kentucky doctor makes a court appearance.

John Combs of Knott County pleaded not guilty to murder charges this morning in the death of Dr. Dennis Sandlin.

The defense hopes to get help from state to hire people to look into Combs' mental state.

He'll be back in court December 15th.

Police say Combs was in the Perry County area going to various doctors offices Tuesday, trying to get prescription painkillers.

He came into Dr. Sandlin's office and was refused pills, that's when he left saying he was going to blow the place up, according to the Perry county sheriff's department.

Deputies soon arrived but could not find Combs.

About two hours later, witnesses say he returned to the office, came inside and confronted Dr. Sandlin with a gun.

After shooting Dr. Sandlin in the head, witnesses say he left the office without harming anyone else.

Sandlin graduated from the University of Louisville Medical
School and had been a doctor in Kentucky since 1978.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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