Man describes losing car to fire at gas station

He says it was a wake up call.

A man speaks out about a fire that destroyed his car at a central Kentucky gas station.

Surveillance video taken from the store in Versailles shows the fire quickly erupted from the gas tank and spread.

Curtis Donovan says he was getting in and out of his car, and talking on his cell phone, while pumping gas.

"I just kind of pulled up, jumped out, and got back in, and then I went to the pump, flames went through," Donovan recalls.

He says there's nothing left of his car.

"It's completely gutted. There's burned clothes. It looks like it just went through the assembly line," Donovan said.

Donovan says this experience has now made him more aware of his surroundings, especially near a gas pump.

"It puts it into perspective," he said.

But his luck hasn't improved. His car won't be covered because he just dropped his full coverage insurance. He also recently lost his job. Now, with no car, he relies on his family and friends to get around.

Investigators say static electricity from Donovan getting in and out of the car likely sparked the fire. No charges are expected to be filed.

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