Estill County Raid Update

According to federal documents obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST this morning, the FBI first learned about Larry Riddell's alleged criminal activity years ago, but didn't setup a sting operation until April.

A five page report obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST outlines a three month long investigation into Riddell and his family. This federal document filed by an FBI special agent outlines how the government says Riddell obtained stolen goods and then resold them at businesses he owned across Estill County.

That's when agents reportedly began selling Riddell everything from expensive T.V.s to Advil and razor blades. In every case they say they told him they were stolen.

Agents reportedly sold to Riddell six different times in April and May before setting up a 'big' buy this week.

That's when the court documents say Riddell placed an order for a half-million dollars worth of diabetic test strips. That buy was supposed to have happened yesterday just before agents and State Troopers raided his home and businesses.

During the raid, agents arrested Riddell, his daughter, Tangee Turpin and her husband Jackie Turpin.

All three were in federal court this morning on a charge of receiving stolen goods. They are now out of jail on bond.

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