Man Has Message For Wife's Attacker

The cards continue to pile up at the Michaels house. Ralph Michaels still has bandages on his ear and arms. Scars, memories from last week's assault. His wife of 50 years, Mattie, has remained in the hospital since police say Stanley Stander Jr. broke in, beat the couple and left them tied up and bleeding. Ralph says it's difficult for him to sleep at night.
"my prayer is for my wife mostly that she gets better quickly," he says.

It's still too hard for the 72 year old talk about the attack. But when it comes to the man charged,
he says, " It's very hard not to feel some anger. But then as a Christian you must feel some outreach to him."

Ralph and Mattie ministered to people like Stander daily at the Salvation Army. Ralph had this message to his accused attacker.
"Stanley you're OK in my mind like I told you when you were attacking me I think there something good in you somewhere and God will find that."

But the big concern for the Michaels family is that their prayers will be answered and Mattie Michaels will come home.

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