Richmond To Name New Police Chief

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"We wanted someone with strong management leadership experience in community policing administrative duties and in the field," said David Evans.

Richmond's City manager says the new chief will have all those qualities. He says 23 people applied for the position and they narrowed that number down to ten candidates.

"We polled police offers in the Richmond Police Department to see what they'd recommend," Evans said.

Dr. Tom Reed is with the Richmond Justice Resource Center. He says whoever the new chief has a lot of work ahead of them.

"The challenges the new chief faces is not only are we a growing city, but we have not really had, at least in years good workable systems for receiving complaints and really embracing the whole community,"

Reed is referring to the Orange street incident in 2004, where Richmond Officers were accused of racial profiling and excessive force. Then last Memorial Day an external investigation found officers did use excessive force in another incident involving African Americans.

"You've got to learn to respect the dignity of everyone. Even when you're arresting someone you can respect their dignity," said Reed.

"They were aware of the concerns we have right now with the department and things that happened in the past," said Evans.

Evans says the new chief will work to bring unity back between the police department and the community. The one thing he wouldn't say is just who the new chief is.

"As much as you'd like to know I can't tell you. You can learn when we make the announcement tomorrow at eleven," Evans said.

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