Suspect sought in Thanksgiving day robbery

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Police have surveillance pictures and video of a man wanted for trying to rob a woman in a grocery store parking lot on Thanksgiving afternoon.

It was Thanksgiving Day and Judy Parker was at the Kroger store on Old Paris Pike for some last minute shopping. In surveillance video you can see Parker leave the store. Soon after so does a man with a hoodie covering most of his face.

In video, you can see the man, who police described that day as a chubby white man in a black hoodie and black jeans, approach Judy Parker after she gets to her vehicle.

"He comes around the car and says give me your keys", Judy Parker told NewsFirst the day of the incident.

"The guy approaches her at the car and she blew a whistle", says Detective Rob Sarrantonio with Lexington Police.

That's when another shopper approaches the man, Parker still blowing her whistle, another shopper then chasing him as he ran off.

"I chased him around the dumpster, hit him a few times, knocked him down, left him there hoping he'd be there when the cops got here", Kyle Macintosh told NewsFirst that day.

However, he wasn't. there, but police are hoping you can recognize him in photos they have released, or in surveillance video.

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020. They just want your information, not your name. You could receive cash if information you give leads to an arrest in this case.

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