Crime Stoppers: Credit cards being stolen while shopping

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Shoppers beware! Lexington police are looking for a man who may be responsible for at least several credit card thefts, stealing from people out shopping.

Lexington police are on the lookout for someone they say is repsonsible for some credit card thefts in the area.

"He's a large black male wearing a striped shirt. He's responsible right now, we have a total of four different victims who have had their credit cards stolen out of their purses and wallets", says Detective Jeremiah Davis with Lexington Police.

On August 23rd, they say he stole from a woman shopping at the Kroger in the Tates Creek area running up $5,000 on her card.

"His favorite stores are Walmart and Meijer. He'll go there and max out the cards as quickly as possible making between $500 to $1000 purchases of gift cards", says Detective Jeremiah Davis.

With the holiday season here, they're hoping to catch him quickly.

"Christmas time is when we see a spike in these financial crimes. It doesn't take more than a second to have your wallet stolen out of your purse", says Detective Jeremiah Davis.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. Call Crime Stoppers today at 859-253-2020 or dial *2020 on your AT&T wireless phone. It's a free call and you don't have to give your name, just your information.

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