Neighbors rescue man from burning house

A couple has two brave neighbors to thank for running inside a burning Lexington home Thursday night.

The fire broke out on Addison Avenue, near Red Mile Road.

The smoke detectors sounded in the home, waking up the woman inside.

However, the man inside didn't respond.

That is when two neighbors saw smoke coming from the white, wood-framed home and jumped into action.

One of the men, David Lovin, says he went through the home once but the smoke was so heavy, he had to leave. He found the victim after going inside the home a second time.

The victim, Steve Munch, was treated and released from U.K. Hospital early Friday morning.

The woman who escaped the home was treated on the scene by emergency responders.

Late Friday afternoon, fire investigators say a blanket was placed too close to a space heater, causing the fire.

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