Car stolen while warming up

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People trying to beat the cold weather by warming up their cars, are falling victim to crime. It happened to one man this morning on Madrone Way in Lexington. He started his car and within minutes, it was gone.

Rob Culbertson knows his car.

It's a 2006 Infinity M45 sport model, low profile tires, tinted windows. It's kind of a gray car", says Culbertson.

He's now wondering who has it. This morning Culbertson says he went outside his home on Madrone Way to warm his car up to take his kids to the bus stop.

"I don't usually do this in the mornings. My wife usually does it and i just happened to get up earlier this morning to do it for her so she wouldn't have to get out in the cold and it happened to me. I came inside, got the backpacks and kids and walked out the front door, and within a matter of minutes the car was gone. At first i thought one of my neighbors was playing a joke on me", Culbertson says.

He says he quickly realized it was no laughing matter. Someone stole his car.

"It happened. That quick and that easy", says Rob Culbertson.

He's now just hoping someone spots it and for others to take note the next time you're warming up your car.

"This can happen to anyone. No matter where you live and we take things for granted that it can't happen to you, but it's hit home here so lock your cars up, especially in your garage if you're keeping it running with the garage door up. They're here. Beware", says Culbertson.

If you have any information on this gray Infinity that Lexington Police are looking for, please give them a call.

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