Woman talks about husband who died trying to save her life

Jodene Grover’s drive home form work goes through several creek banks near her rural Adair County home. But on Tuesday night, her trip quickly became frightening, when her truck was picked up and carried away by flood waters.

“I called my husband and said I'’m in trouble. I’m in the water,'” says Grover.

But she also called 911, and some firefighters showed up. They also soon learned just how dangerous the waters were.

“And I watched two men suit up, tie themselves to a tree, and jump in the water, Then I also saw them float on down the stream,” she said of the difficult rescue.

They were OK then a special team of water rescuers were called. In the meantime, Grover’s husband, Bill jumped on his tractor and attempted the rescue himself.

She says she tried to call him and tell him not to come but she says she knew he would come anyway.

Grover was rescued and while in the ambulance she learned that her husband was missing. She wanted to go look for him.

“And I was headed out the door and they said, ‘you’re naked’ and I said, 'I’ll steal a blanket and go'…and they strapped me down. ‘You’re not going anywhere.’”

It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon before Bill Grover’s body was found. Dozens of rescue teams from at least 5 counties helped, but a special group called the Green River Cowboys..on horseback.. actually found him.

“If it was me in that position, I would have wanted my friends to jump in and do just that,” said Barry Jones, a member of the Cowboys.

Efforts that became bittersweet…in that they found Bill Grover..but that they also lost a dear friend.

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