Burglars strike Laurel County victim for the third time

Sometime on Friday, Kenneth Day’s Laurel County home was entered illegally by thieves, who went straight to his gun case in his bedroom.

“They never tore up anything in my house. They just went into my bedroom and gun case, got 3 guns out of it,” said Day.

They left other valuables alone. But on Sunday, one day after Day installed a security camera, they came back. This crime was caught on tape.

“Evidently they’re in pretty bad shape to have to steal guns on a Friday, then come back and do it on a Sunday. And steal more stuff,” Day said.

The video does not show who the person is, as it does not show the person’s face, but Day believes someone knows something, and if that person comes forward, it could mean some reward money.

Day is offering a $2,000 reward for the person who helps make an arrest and a conviction.

Kenneth Day says, while our story was airing, someone was breaking into his home again.

They took more guns, the TV, other electronics, and even the surveillance equipment.

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