Shop owners take classes to stop shoplifting

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Just in time for the holidays, Winchester Police offer a class to help business owners prevent and stop shoplifting.

Kitty Faulkner owns Unique Creations, a handmade craft store in Winchester, she attended the class to make sure people don't get a five finger discount at her store.

"What right do people have to take what is not theirs?" says Faulkner.

A few years ago she says she noticed a woman shopping with tags of necklaces hanging from her jeans.

Faulkner told her she had called police, but the girl tried to give an excuse then run for it.

Faulkner says she was so mad, she chased her and caught her, even though she had a broken foot!

It's because of that incident, she didn't hesitate to take part in the shoplifting class.

Only a handful of other business owners attended, but Faulkner says it was extremely helpful.

The class lasted about an hour, and business owners were given a packet of information telling them tricks of the trade and what behaviors to be looking out for.

Most of all Faulkner says, she learned just to trust her instinct.

Police are planning to hold additional classes in the future.

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