Mercer woman says she's living in fear after break-ins

Marie Webber was on the phone a lot today…calling for help…and advice..because thieves are apparently having their way with her property.

“I don’t know how to act anymore here in Harrodsburg, I just don’t know how to act, And now we’re scared,” said Webber Wednesday, the day after someone stole possessions out of her two RVs at her Ridge Drive residence.

Because last night…and once in July....both times while they were inside their house, thieves entered both RV's, ransacked them..and ran off with stuff.

“They’re not getting much with this stuff. I’d gladly give them the money if they would just give it back,” she said.

They’ve stolen money, medicine, and jewelry, and electronics. And they’ve also taken cameras and SD cards containing memories that can’t be replaced.

“But honest to God I felt like I was going to fall down with a heart attack, I got to where I couldn’t speak. Sick to my stomach,” she said.

Webber says it’s bad enough to be targeted twice in a year. But she says what’s frightening to her….is what they might do next. She’s worried they may try to get into her home next.

Kentucky State Police are investigating but so far no word of any arrests. Several of Webber’s neighbors have reported similar thefts. One had a ladder taken from a work truck. Another says gas was siphoned from his car.

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