Family of KY trucker shot by former trooper angry with police

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It was a crime that shocked the country. A former Utah state trooper opened fire on several truck drivers along Interstate 635 in Dallas last December, including a man from Kentucky. With the anniversary less than a week away, the widow of Scott Miller is speaking about why she is angry with authorities.

Shannon Miller, the wife of 42-year-old Scott Miller, says everyday she thinks about what happened to her husband last year on a Texas interstate.

"It's still unbelievable", says Shannon Miller.

Scott Miller was among two killed while driving, shot by ex-Utah trooper Brian Smith, who opened fire on the road. Miller was on the way to park his truck to catch a flight home for the holidays.

Shannon MIller says it's hard for this family to be without him. They now just want answers from authorities.

"They will not even return a phone call to me now", says Shannon Miller.

Miller says, according to paperwork obtained from authorities, the day of the shooting Brian Smith was questioned by police for another incident.

"He was supposedly injured on the job as a state trooper and had hurt his back and was looking for pain medication, so he robbed a Kroger pharmacy minutes before he did all of this", Miller says.

Authorities questioned Smith that day and let him go as they worked to get a warrant.

"You can't tell me people didn't know what was going on with him. I really feel there should be some consequence on that police department for letting him go. It just doesn't seem right", says Shannon Miller.

Now this wife is just hoping for answers.

"I would just really like to know why", she says.

Shannon Miller says she'll continue to keep her husband and others in her thoughts this holiday.

"I still have all the truck drivers in my hearts. I hope they all get home for Christmas and are safe", says Shannon Miller.

This Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of the interstate shooting.

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