ATF Agents Investigate Crime Scene of Murdered Scott County Couple

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There's new information in the death investigations of Jim and Vivian Gray, a Scott County couple found shot to death in their own home last April.

On Monday, the Scott County Sheriff's received help from a federal agency in a joint investigation.

Agents from ATF or Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms were on the property of Jim and Vivian Gray for five hours Monday. An ATF agent tells 27 NEWSFIRST, they were searching the property on a sealed federal warrant.

That warrant comes from a clause that states the crime was a violation of a fire arm which qualifies ATF agents to investigate it.

ATF agents say because it is a sealed federal search warrant they are unable to reveal just what they were looking for. At this time Scott County Sheriffs say no arrests in the murders have been made and they will continue their investigations.

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