Man arrested for attempted abduction attempt says drugs are to blame

Authorities in Scott County arrested a man Thursday morning who they say hid in a woman's back seat, at a Georgetown gas station, and then tried to abduct her when she got in the car.

Police arrested 38-year old Nathan Earl Pierce of Campbell County, Tennessee, at the Georgetown Kmart about five hours after the victim reported the crime.

She called police around 3:00am, saying a man was in the backseat of her car at the Pilot gas station on Triport Road outside of Georgetown. She says he had a gun told her he'd hurt her if she moved when she got in the car. The woman was able to jump out of the car to safety.

Police caught up with Pierce after his fiancee', Jaimie Hembree, helped them track Pierce down. Police say she drove him to the gas station for the robbery. Hembree was arrested police found her in the vehicle Pierce was seen on surveillance video getting out of at the gas station. Police say Hembree called Pierce after she was arrested and told him to meet her at the Kmart, where police were waiting.

Early Thursday afternoon 27 NEWSFIRST spoke to Pierce in the Scott County Jail. He said he never intended to kidnap the woman, and only intended to rob her. He says he wanted money to buy drugs. "There was no intentions whatsoever to kidnap, it was all about trying to grab enough money to support my habit, bottom line" said Pierce.

Police charged Pierce with unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, theft By unlawful taking, robbery, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hembree is charged with receiving stolen property.

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