Police: Man using stolen credit cards to rack up rewards

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Christmas shopping is in full swing and so are credit card thefts. Lexington Police say they recently got a report about a man using a stolen credit card at the Best Buy on Nicholasville Road.

"We contacted management at the Best Buy who came up with a little surprise for us", says Detective Eric Hobson, with Lexington Police.

That surprise was that the suspect, caught on tape that day leaving with a woman, is also using stolen cards at a number of other Best Buys across the country.

"Started in Lexington, then Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa", says Detective Eric Hobson.

So far the suspect has done this in seven states, spending at least $50,000 on the stolen cards. He's also using a Reward Zone card from Best Buy, reaping the benefits from the purchases, and has at least $1,000 in rewards money along with discounts as well.

"We're still tracking who the reward card belongs to", says Detective Eric Hobson.

They say it seems the suspect is stealing the cards from people eating at restaurants as they leave their card on counters, or from their purses.

Authorities are asking you to take a look at the suspect to see if you recognize him.

"Any Lexington hotels who may have had them stay as guest while in Lexington, or they may be from the Lexington area. We're trying to figure that out", says Detective Eric Hobson.

If you have any information on who this suspect is, please contact Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020 or dial *2020 on your AT&T wireless call. It's a free call, and they don't want your name...just your information. You could receive reward money if information you give leads to an arrest.

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