Middle school student alleges teacher made racist comment

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A Lexington middle school teacher is under investigation after a student makes an allegation of what a parent calls a "racist" comment.

The alleged incident happened during the Pledge of Allegiance in class earlier this week at Crawford Middle School.

12-year-old Malik Damar's family moved to the U.S. from Jordan 7 years ago.

He likes attending the middle school.

But he says earlier this week, a teacher allegedly made a remark that upset him.

"We had to stand up for the pledge, so I did," Malik told 27 NEWSFIRST, "and then I sat down after the pledge and she said 'you don't feel like standing up for the pledge, then go stand up in your country'."

Malik says he doesn't know why the teacher allegedly made that comment.

"It's my country I respect it," Malik said, "I like standing up for the pledge."

Malik says it was embarrassing in front of the class. He came home and told his family. His mother, who didn't want to appear on camera, went to the principal.

"He's 12 years old - he thinks this is his country - he is American like we are all American," Malik's mother said, "She's not supposed to tell him that."

The principal has removed Malik from that classroom.

School board officials have begun an investigation into the allegations.

Malik's mother says she wants an apology.

"She embarrassed me, it's like kind of racist," she said, "everybody has the right to learn, have a good education here.. he is (an) American Citizen."

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with school board officials Thursday afternoon. They are in the process of interviewing everyone to find out exactly what happened in that classroom.

They say they are taking the situation seriously.

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