People in Pulaski Show "Romeo" the Love

People at the Pulaski County Animal Shelter were busying answering phones Tuesday.

“We've received I'd say over 100 phone calls,” said an animal shelter employee.

Most of them want to adopt "Romeo."

Derrick Loveless is one of them. “I don't see how anyone could do this to a dog. Especially one this friendly,” says Loveless of the Lab.

Others just want to make sure Romeo is taken care of, “Seeing if they can help us with any kind of medical bills; food, just anything,” said the employee.

Police say his owner, Ronald Shawn Turner, beat Romeo. And they have some good evidence as Turner's neighbors witnessed the abuse and captured it all on camera. The neighbors’ say the dog was slammed to the ground, choked and that even the doghouse was dropped on top of him.

For now, Romeo is under court order to stay at the shelter, until the case is resolved. A couple of things have to take place first. Ronald Shawn Turner has to be arraigned. At that point, the judge could decide to settle everything or a trial date could be set. At that point we should know where Romeo's home will be.

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