Porn and Pancakes

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This weekend Crossroads Christian Church will host a program called Porn and Pancakes, but some say the message officials want to get across is a lot different than it sounds.

This father's day weekend, a different kind of breakfast will be held at the Crossroads Church in Lexington.

Porn and Pancakes may sound a like an unappetizing combination, but if it grabbed your attention, that's by design. Organizers say the issue of porn is taboo and they want to get people talking about it.

Church officials say the method is an extreme way to catch people off guard and direct them to a place with information about what they're offering this weekend.

Associate Minister Greg Chandler says pornography addiction is a growing problem. He's inviting men age 11 and up for an open discussion on the subject.

There is also a website, The church makes no apologies for its methods of attracting people, a policy that has worked in the past.

In 2004, the Crossroads Church bought billboards with Skip X-Mas written on them. The goal was to encourage people to skip an annual x-mas party and give the money to the needy.

Chandler says more than 100 people have already bought tickets to the breakfast.

Organizers say since the porn for father's day site went up the church website has received several hundred more hits than normal.

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