Motorcycle Club Claims They Are Being Threatened

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"It's coming to the point with the threats and everything, that it could turn very violent and we don't want that," said Gail Miller.

Miller is a member of the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club in Lancaster. She and other members say they have been getting threats like this from the Lexington Outlaws.

"Cherokee this is Hammer Lexington Outlaws. Don't avoid me," said the message.

"This has been going on way too long," said a retired Iron Warriors member.

"Because we take our Kentucky rocker and MC patch off. Which we've had for 30 years," said the Iron Warriors president, Animal.

The Iron Warriors say the Outlaws want them to join other groups and follow their lead.

"They asked us to wear support patches, but we won't. We're independent. We do our own thing," Animal said.

The message the Iron Warriors received said they needed to meet and talk about the problems and they had 48 hours to respond.

"It's gonna get out of hand otherwise. And it ain't gonna be pretty. I ain't playing," the message said.

The members of the Iron Warriors we spoke to say they just want to continue their club peacefully and they hope to end the feud soon.

"We should be able to get out here and have a good time just like everybody else in the United States. I t doesn't matter what it says on our backs," said Miller.

"We've been here for years and we plan on being here for years and we plan on being here for many more years to come," said the retired member.

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