Snow preparation underway in southern Kentucky

A snow shovel…….and some rock salt. And Rhonda Miller is prepared for a snowy weekend. She’s also excited about the big change in weather.

“I’m looking forward to it. We’ve not had a deep snow for a long time,” said Miller, who was shopping for snow supplies at Ormsby’s True Value Hardware in London Friday.

It’s a busy day at transportation garages around the region…as the big shovels are put on the trucks. It’s a long day of work…likely to be followed by a long night for some.

“We’ll try to settle into 12 hour shifts, give everyone equal time to go home and rest, and then go at it another round,” said Bruce Neely of the State Highway Garage in Pulaski County.

Crews would normally get off at 4:30 Friday afternoon, but many will stick around…as the snow does the same to the roads.

“As soon as we get notification the storm is moving in, we call all the crews in and everyone comes in,” said Neely.

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