Principal accused of assault found not guilty

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He was accused of assaulting a Nicholas County High School student, but today a jury found former principal Joe Orazen "not guilty".

It was words Joe Orazen has been waiting to hear for awhile, "not guilty" of assault.

The former Nicholas County High School principal was accused in February of this by student Dusty Green outside the high school. The incident was caught on tape, showing Orazen throwing Green onto the ground. Green said he was going back in the school for his jacket.
Orazen's lawyers argued he threatened to kill the principal however, and was threatening to kick the school door in.

Today Joe Orazen was cleared of that assault charge.

"Very relieved to finally get to this day to where I can finally talk and get my side out. It's a relief", says Joe Orazen.

However, not everyone was happy with this verdict. Dusty's mom says for their family, it was a letdown hearing Joe Orazen was not guilty.

"I'm so disgusted and hurt really, that they victimized my son again. He's not an angel, but he's a kid and this is what we're teaching him", says Michelle Green.

Green says they haven't decided what they plan to do now.

"I haven't thought that far. I just want to hopefully get through this with the damages that it's done to him", says Michelle Green.

Orazen says he's hoping to be able to get back into teaching once again.

"My heart is with kids. I've had some influential people in my life. I definitely want to stay in education", says Joe Orazen.

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