Lexington residents prepare for bad weather

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The snow began falling in Lexington late Friday evening, which was what some area residents had been preparing for.

Some went shopping to stay warm.

"I got a heater so I can stay warm inside when it's cold outside,"said Lexington resident Bob Kozachik.

Others were out buying things so they could hit the road in the morning.

"I've got a new scraper because I have to drive to work in the morning - and I am not looking forward to that," said Leslie Kozachik.

Lexington residents were out at stores like Lowe's in Hamburg. The operations manager, Doug Gamble, said there was a rush in the afternoon for winter-weather items.

"Big sellers today are obviously ice melt, rock salt, spreaders to spread that salt, and shovels," said Gamble.

Some had last winter's ice storm on their minds, and purchased generators.

So that whatever weather is on the way this winter, most said they just wanted to be prepared.

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