Stations running out of kerosene in parts of Ky.

Kerosene is the only answer for some wanting to stay warm when the power is out.

Saturday, folks lined up outside the Marathon on highway 80 in Hazard to fill up on kerosene.

“They say down in Leslie County they're fighting over the kerosene, you know? They're out over there! We're standing in line and luckily we're the third one but we don't know if we're still going to get it or not. There’s not enough to go around,” Jason Bowling said.

He got there just in time to fill up. Others were not as fortunate

“We came over here to get us some kerosene but they just ran out. It’s just my luck,” Kathy Mattingly said.

Managers at the station just told us they received another shipment around 5:30pm.

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