Heavy wet snow piles up, leaves thousands in the cold

A Soldier from the Charlottesville-based Company C, 429th Brigade Support Battalion cleans the snow off a Humvee in preparation for assistance missions. The Virginia National Guard has been authorized to bring up to 400 Soldiers on state active duty in order to assist state and local agencies in response to expected severe winter weather across the state. (Photo by Maj. Cotton Puryear, Virginia Guard Public Affairs)
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Heavy, wet snow piles up in eastern Kentucky, leaving thousands in the cold.

Some counties received up to one foot of snow!

The power is out in 34,000 homes, which is about half the county.

For kids, the amount of snow is perfect for snowball fights, but for families that have lost power, it's a major headache.

Fon Chapman lost power around 9 am and after his house got cold he began chopping wood to light a fire.

He says it should keep the house warm, but some have to rely on other means.

With more than half the county without power, Judge Executive Wayne T. Rutherford and other officials are doing what they can to help.

One of the issues to get power back is the fallen trees blocking the road.

The county bought chainsaws for people to try and get trees off the roads.

People say the possibility of no power on Christmas is frustrating.

Rutherford and other officials say they will do everything they can to get the Christmas lights and others back on.

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