Governor visits Pike County

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More than 100,000 homes in eastern Kentucky are still in the dark.

The snow storm has devastated many eastern counties, including Pike County, which still has 23,000 homes without power. Governor Steve Beshear stopped by Pike and Letcher Counties today to see the damage first-hand.

The phone lines are ringing off the hook at the Pike County Emergency Management Center. Many homes still have no power, and it is causing other problems.

"We do have some water issues, we're working with companies trying to get our pump stations running," Pike County Emergency Management Director Doug Tackett said.

Governor Beshear declared a state of emergency for Kentucky to get help to everyone as soon as possible.

"That executive order allowed us to loosen up our assets that we have to work with local officials to really hit this thing head on," Governor Beshear said.

He stopped by different shelters in eastern Kentucky to check on everyone and reassure them that the government is working to help.

"I just wanna see first-hand what the situation is, and I wanna make sure we're doing everything we can to get our folks back on their feet as soon as possible," Governor Beshear said.

The governor says the main goal is to get the power back to everyone, and he is working with agencies to clear the roads so that can happen. Officials say the situation is dire in Pike County, but the spirit of Appalachia carry people through.

"Our folks here in eastern Kentucky come together, they're tenacious. They take care of each other, and that's what they're doing now," Gov. Beshear said.

"Christmas is a great time to remind us of our culture. We band together. We stick together and help each other," Nancy Price, of Kentucky Emergency Management, said.

But officials are hoping to get the lights back on soon.

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