Lakeside Residents Say Crime Is on the Rise in Pulaski

Quiet, peaceful and serene is why Doyle Hampton moved to the Lake Cumberland community of Jasper Bend to retire, but lately he says thieves have turned a retirement paradise into a big problem.

“And one guy got a motor stole off his boat, and he went and got another motor; two nights later they stole it,” said Hampton.

Hampton claims that more than 20 homes have been burglarized within two months, but the Pulaski County Sheriff says 911 only received four complaints in 60 days. Jasper Bend is remote and hard to reach quickly, and the sheriff urges people to organize nighttime patrols amongst themselves.

“There's some local people in here that is responsible and there's several others who know who it is,” said another Jasper Bend resident, Ken Hollon.

Some people say they worry the situation is going to be much worse before it gets better. One man says he hasn't been a victim yet, but he has a loaded gun waiting for anyone who tries to take his property.

“I know for a fact that some people have said that they're going to be laying for them, if they see them breaking into their house, they'll shoot them,” said Hampton.

“And if we can't rely on someone else, to defend us, we have to defend ourselves,” said Hollon.

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