Brother Of Murdered Sheriff Reaches Out To Lacy Family

The murder of a Clay City Police Chief on Wednesday brought back haunting memories for the brother of a Southern Kentucky Sheriff who was killed in the line of duty five years ago.

Pulaski County Sheriff Sam Catron was gunned down April 13th, 2002. Catron's brother, Lewis, was headed to Clay City on business Wednesday, but it turned personal when he found out Chief Lacy had been murdered.
"You start thinking of the family and where you was at that time and where they're at now, it brings back the memories," he said.

Catron says, for him, five years after his brother's murder there are still days the memories over come him days like today when similar tragedies take place. As the Lacy family begins to grieve, Catron says he'll be there because he's been in the same situation. "It gets easier with time but you never forget em," he said.

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