80 dogs rescued from hoarding case need new homes

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky (WKYT/WYMT) - It’s been difficult for the volunteers who now have to take care of dozens of dogs rescued from what investigators call a hoarding situation.

Now some volunteers in southern Kentucky are asking for your help.

Rescuers took 80 dogs from a Leslie County home and volunteers in Laurel County are now caring for most of them.

We’re told this hoarding case is one that started years ago when a Leslie County man started taking in and caring for stray dogs, but it didn't take long for just a few dogs to turn into a few dozen.

“It is astonishing how quickly a litter of puppies begin to have their own puppies and it just gets out of control so quickly,” said Christina McCreary with Homeward Bound Rescue.

The dogs’ owner recently called the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital, saying that he had 80 dogs he could no longer take care of.

With a case this big, the Homeward Bound Rescue Group stepped in to help the animal hospital.

“It’s been difficult but we did utilize a storage facility that’s heated and cooled with the rest of the building,” McCreary told us.

Right now, the second round dogs rescued from Leslie County are being held in the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital.

Thankfully, 20 have been placed in foster homes so far but that still leaves at least 60 more dogs that have to be placed in permanent or temporary homes.

“The financial part of it is a huge problem. We were able to obtain a grant from the humane society but that money will only go so far.”

Now they're asking for your help while they work to get these dogs adopted.

“Donations and volunteers are the most important things that we could obtain at this point.”

Of course, one of the biggest ways to help is by providing a safe, forever home for one of these deserving dogs.

If you would like to donate to Homeward Bound Rescue, visit hbky.org.

For more information on donations and adopting dogs from the Leslie County case, call the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital at 606-864-9120.

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