Elderly woman is on a mission

80-year-old Jean Hester is a woman who has never shied away from a challenge. So when she saw pictures from her Flemingsburg church's last mission trip to Haiti, she had one question.

"I asked them, what could an old 80 year old lady do to help", she said.

Hester decided not only would she be on the next mission trip to Haiti, but she would take hundreds of hand made dolls along. She plans to leave them with little Haitian girls who are still struggling in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes. She has made 120 dolls in all.

"People have asked me what if I don't have enough dolls to pass out. I say, I'll just take my yarn and needle with me", Hester says.

Hester proudly displays the dolls she'll take along. She calls them a labor of love and a bit of therapy.

"I can do two or three dolls a day. Sometimes I stay up until midnight crocheting if I can sleep", she says.

When Hester and her team leave for Haiti early in the morning on Valentine's day, it'll be her second time ever in plane. She is excited to go and gives this advice to anyone who is holding on fulfilling a dream.

"Honey, life passes fast. That's why if you want to do something, you gotta do it. That's why I decided this was my time. If I ever get the chance I'm gonna do it.. and that's why I'm a goin."

Jean Hester and her mission team will be out of the country for 9 days.

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