Crime Stoppers: Woman steals credit card in church, then goes on spree

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In late October it was a normal trip to the Crossroads Christian Church for one woman, but what happened next was anything but ordinary.

"The victim was attending a church service. She believes at some point during the service her wallet was taken from that location because she had placed her purse under the pew. She thinks it was someone possibly sitting in the same area that she was sitting in", says Detective Eric Hobson with the Lexington Police Department.

Hours after the service was over, that's when the victim was notified someone was using her card.

"Advising her that her card had been used multiple times in large dollar amounts", says Detective Eric Hobson.

The person with the card was caught on tape at the Best Buy in Hamburg Pavilion in Lexington making purchases.

"She leaves the Best Buy with a couple of laptops she had purchased with the stolen card. The card was also used at a Cracker Barrel in Mt. Sterling for a significant amount.

All in all, running up over two-thousand dollars on that credit card taken from the woman attending church.

If you have information about the person caught on tape in this surveillance video, you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020. It's a free call and you can receive a reward if the anonymous information you give leads to an arrest.

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