Thousands Flock to Annual Ichthus Christian Music Festival

The hot weather wasn't enough to keep thousands of people from flocking to Jessamine County for the annual Ichthus Music Festival.

The weekend of big time Christian bands and speakers officially kicked off Thursday morning.

The warm weather has drawn many people outdoors, in fact, rain or shine folks travel from all over the region to attend this three-day Christian Woodstock called Ichthus.

With bands such as Third day, Toby Mac and Jars of Clay, not even the extreme heat could keep these fans away.

Long lines trailing in front of drink and ice cream stands help fans stay hydrated and cool despite the grueling heat.

Not only do the cool refreshments help battle the heat, but the anticipation of hearing great music also helps take the heat off their minds.

From South Carolina to Ohio, teens travel across the miles to enjoy outdoor camping, junk food, and lots of live christian music.

Ever since 1970 when Ichthus was first started the turnout has been enormous and the crowds keep getting bigger, with an estimated 20,000 expected to attend this year.

The Ichthus Festival was started back in 1970 by students and faculty at Asbury College in response to the Woodstock Music Festival the year before.

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