Shoppers seeing "Blue" this Christmas

On this Christmas Eve, plenty of shoppers finishing off their list, and one very popular choice, anything UK, especially items commemorating the big milestone win!

Our Stacy Ellision has more.

Forget about the red and green, it's all about the blue here in the Bluegrass area.

Even the Christmas trees are blue here where the excitement is high and the lines are long for fans wanting anything commemorating Kentucky's 2000th win.

Joe Kawaja, with Fan Outfitters says, "Everybody wants the one UK2K one that the players wore the other night. It's sells out every time we get new ones. License plates, other shirts styles.. People just want something commemorating the win."

There are plenty of other items at Fan Outfitters to keep you in style as part of the Big blue nation.

Even a "Wall Ya'll" t shirt should you choose to support John Wall as your favorite cat.

Fan Outfitters will keep restocking 2000th win paraphernalia in the store.

Up next, they're hoping to have items commemorating UK's win at the Music City Bowl in Nashville set for Sunday.

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