Suspected Murderer Speaks Out About Police Chief's Death

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The man suspected of gunning down Kentucky Police Chief, Randy Lacy is speaking out from jail.

Jamie Barnett is charged with murder.

Investigators say Barnett somehow got his hands on Clay City Police Chief Randy Lacy's gun, and fired a shot from the back seat of the cruiser.

Barnett tells 27 Newsfirst from jail he doesn't know if he shot and killed Lacy because he simply doesn't remember.

He says he was "high on dope and for two or three days didn't know where he was."

Barnett calls Lacy and his family "friends of his." He says he grew up with Randy Lacy and would never mean any harm to him.

"I can't say if I did it or not, but if I did I am so sorry to Randy's family, I don't think I did, I just don't see how i could," says Barnett. The 37-year old visibly becoming shaken and tears streaming down his face.

Barnett says he doesn't mind facing the judge, but he doesn't want to have to see Lacy's family. "It's going to be hell, might as well shoot me in the head right now."

Barnett says he knows the Commonwealth's Attorney will seek the death penalty against him and he asks "for the needle."

Barnett says he wants to tell his wife and three children he's sorry for putting them through this.

He says his youngest is just one-month old.

Barnett is scheduled to appear in court at 8:45 Friday morning in a Powell County courtroom, under what's expected to be very heavy protection.