Home thefts for gifts after Christmas holiday

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Tis the season for shopping and giving and for many people receiving gifts from friends and family, but before you place your Christmas trash by the curb...beware! With the holiday here and a tough economy this year, police say they have seen an impact.

"We have seen a rise in property crimes and this is a particular time because people are buying a lot of high dollar items", says Sgt. Jody Stowers with the Lexington Police Department.

Authorities say those looking to steal are taking notice of what you're putting by the curb.

"They know the homes are gonna be full of TVs, electronics, and computers", says Sgt. Jody Stowers.

Police say they have worked these types of crimes days after Christmas, so this year they're reminding you to take the steps to keep your home safe.

"It's very important when people get these items to write down their serial number right away, and when you put out the trash try to break down the boxes, or put them out last minute because there are burglars that go around driving looking for boxes", says Sgt. Jody Stowers.

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