Firefighters respond to fire inside factory

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It was a close call today at a central Kentucky factory after a fire broke out. This happened at the McKechnie Vehicle Components factory in Nicholasville just after 7:00 a.m.

Dozens of employees were evacuated from the building, which makes wheel components and wheel covers for Toyota and other factories.

"The maintenance workers were working on the paint booth system and during that they were using a cutting torch that we believe ignited the fire ", says Kevin Baker, the Deputy Fire Chief of the Nicholasville Fire Department.

Firefighters say the fire didn't cause a lot of damage but there was quite a bit of smoke.They say the sprinkler system held the fire enough for firefighters to quickly extinguish it. There were no injuries but at least six employees were checked and released on the scene.

Firefighters say a common fire for a factory that could have been dangerous with the chemicals inside. They say McKechnie has had other fires before.

"They use a lot of chemicals in there and they've had them from those and had made great strides in improving safety and productivity here", says Deputy Chief Kevin Baker.

Officials say they hope to resume work here at McKechnie sometime this afternoon.

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