Slain Chief Was Trying To Increase Drug Awareness

People say there's a lot to be learned from Police Chief Randy Lacy's murder.

“I think its' going to heighten the awareness of the drug problem we have here,” says Garland Lacy, Randy Lacy’s brother.

Even the accused admits he was on drugs when the bullet was fired that ended Lacy's life. “15 Xanax,” says Jamie Barnett of the drugs he had taken before he was arrested by Chief Lacy Wednesday. “You can get it [at] any corner you go,” he added of the drugs in Clay City. “It's everywhere.”

But Chief Lacy and his brother Garland were trying to change that. They wanted Operation Unite to include Powell County in their drug enforcement and education initiatives.

“His efforts were making headway and things were improving,” says Unite Drug Enforcement Officer Paul Hays.

Unite officials say there's a direct connection between drugs and violence and they say it's so ironic that connection ended Lacy's life.

“Drugs make people unpredictable. And the thing that many people don't realize is the potential is always there for a violent confrontation. We have pharmacy burglaries, thefts, robberies, business thefts, home invasions,” says Hays.

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