Valuable antiques taken from Georgetown store

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They appeared to be regular customers but turned out to be thieves. Someone in Georgetown stole thousands of dollars worth of antique silverware from a store while the owner was inside working.

There's plenty of antiques within the Antique Mall store in Georgetown, and many valuable items, some of which were recently taken from the store.

"Mostly all serving pieces", says owner Jerome Redfearn.

Jerome Redfearn says on December 19th he noticed two men in his store.

"The owner heard a noise and he went to investigate and there were two white males", says Detective Rodney Johnson with Georgetown Police.

"Average build, wearing overcoats", says Jerome Redfearn.

The two men opened a glass case near the front of the store taking the antique flatware. When the owner noticed they were acting suspicious he quickly came to the front of the store, but by that time they had taken off.

"Got to the front door as fast as I could and i noticed they were getting into a van and sped off toward the interstate", says Jerome Redfearn.

The men made off with some valuable items.

"It was Francis First silver which is well-known. One of the best and most expensive patterns", says Jerome Redfearn.

The antique silverware was worth thousands.

"$6,500 of silverware was taken. It was very uniquely designed", says Det. Rodney Johnson.

Now Georgetown Police are hoping you know who those two men are or where the flatware went.

"If someone notices it or has any dealings with it or has seen it, please contact us", says Det. Rodney Johnson.

You can reach Georgetown Police at (502) 863-7820.

You can also give Crime Stoppers a call if you know whose responsible for this crime. It's a free call and you don't give your name, only your information. You could receive a cash reward if it leads to an arrest. That number is (859) 253-2020.

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