Donations overflow for boys who lost mother in accident

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For Sheree Milner, 2009 hasn't been easy.

She lost her daughter Aliesha Setters to a car accident along a Bourbon County road just before Christmas. Setters was her last surviving child.

Milner is now the temporary guardian to Setters' four children, 5-year-old Camden, 8-year-old Braxton, 10-year-old Anthony and 13-year-old Dylan, who are also no strangers to loss. Along with the death of their mother, they lost their father months earlier to a heart attack.

Sheree Milner is not alone. Communities like Clark County and Bourbon County have stepped up to help. Milner says the donations have varied, from food to clothes and toys for the children, even an Xbox 360. The donations have come in from all over the state, and even the country, all acts of kindness she says helped get her through the past two weeks.

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