Soda can leads police to burglary suspects

Two days before Christmas, the Knox County Sheriff's department responded to a burglary at a mobile home. The thieves had stolen a TV, a stereo, and some other electronics. They also took presents intended for an eighteen month old girl.

Because of his criminal past, police began the search at the home of neighbor Johnnie Hobbs. Hobbs, 40, was being visited by a friend, 23-year-old John Hubbard.

Police say at first they didn't find any evidence of the stolen goods, until a deputy saw Hobbs drinking a can of Mountain Dew. A case of the soda had been stolen from the victim's fridge. The sheriff's department compared the serial numbers from the can Hobbs was drinking to the numbers on cans found in the victim's trash. The numbers were a match.

When confronted with the evidence, Hobbs told police he didn't know anything about the crime. At that time, Hubbard came forward and told police that they were the thieves and led authorities to where some of the presents had been burned. The electronics were recovered from a local pawn shop.

Hubbard and Hobbs are now charged with second degree burglary.

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