Casey County Water Situation Turns "Dire and Critical"

Liberty, Ky - In the midst of a statewide
drought, with straining water supplies,
a turn for the worse Sunday in Casey County…
about 60 miles south of Lexington.

Liberty Mayor Steve Sweeney has
issued an emergency water conservation
declaration and a boil water advisory for the
city and the surrounding county.

The call for additional conservation, and
the health safety measure follow a break
early today in a ten-inch water main,
further straining the area’s already low
water resources. The break also prompted
the boil water safety measures because of
the added possibility of contamination.

Mayor Sweeney called the situation “critical”
and “dire” and urged all Casey County
residents to use as little water as possible
until further notice.

State officials declared drought
conditions Friday in 61 of the state’s 120
counties with “moderate” drought
conditions in the remainder of the state.

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