Fire at Lexington nursing home

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Fire crews spent much of the morning at a Lexington nursing home after a fire that started in a heating and air conditioning unit.

A fire broke out around 7:00 a.m. this morning at Lexington Country Place on Mason Headley Road.

Nursing home officials say this is the first time they've had a fire at the nursing home. The fire started in one of the residents rooms in the rehab wing.

"It was contained in the heating and air conditioning unit that was in the wall", says Don Schwinn, the Executive Director of Lexington Country Place.

Fire officials say when the heating unit malfunctioned and caught fire, that's when employees took action.

"The employees got the resident out of her room", says Don Schwinn.

"One of the maintenance personnel used a fire extinguisher to knock the fire down", says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell with the Lexington Fire Department.

They say this helped stop the fire from spreading.

"It made a big difference", says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell.

At least fifteen residents in the rehab unit were moved to another part of the building.

"There was heavy smoke throughout that one wing of the nursing home", says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell.

The resident inside the room at the time was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Three employees were evaluated on the scene. Nursing home officials say they are just thankful the fire was quickly put out before spreading.

"It could have been much worse. Thankfully everything worked out the way it did", says Don Schwinn.

As for the nursing home they kept the doors open much of the day in that unit of the nursing home to ventilate the building. The only room that was really impacted was the one where the fire started.

Fire officials say they tested the nursing home after the fire for carbon monoxide. The reading came back at zero, meaning it is safe.

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